Consolation by Theatre Volière

The Bridewell Theatre is hosting an Anglo-French summer season in the heart of London.

Strasbourg-based touring company Theatre Voliere  -whose Poilu and Tommy received a Best show nomination from the Off West End Awards in 2014- are back in town from August 12th to September 4th with two bilingual shows!

In the evenings, they will perform their new show Consolation: a tragicomedy set in modern day Southern France. Written by Mick Wood, directed by Natasha Wood and designed byRūta Irbīte. The play explores the relationship between a young Frenchman, who plays a Cathar knight at the local Visitor’s Centre, and a middle-aged Englishwoman who believes she has experienced a past life as a Cathar heretic in thirteenth century Languedoc.  The play is about lost worlds, pseudo-history, and the search for belonging, with a very modern twist in its tale…

And at lunch time, from August 18th, feel free to bring your lunch and watch Pierrot Lunaire: a piece of Dance Theatre inspired by, and featuring original song settings of, the French poems of Albert Giraud. An English country house circa 1890; a French governess shares her passion for the poetry of Pierrot Lunaire with her young charge but, isolated and homesick, she finds herself increasingly haunted by the enigmatic figure of Pierrot.

Bon spectacle!