I often teach in cafĂ© Evin (115 Kingsland Highstreet, Dalston, London) and I don’t know if the person responsible for the music selection there is a particular lover of French music or if they just happen to have found a ‘French pop’ cd in a dusty drawer…. I had noticed that they were playing the odd French song every now and again and thought nothing of it but last evening got a bit out of hand…

As I was doing an hour of French with a student the speakers started spilling out some tunes. First Edith Piaf‘s Je ne regrette rien (no suprises here), then Patrick Bruel‘s 1989 Casser la voix (what???? I hadn’t heard this since I was 10 years old).

and finally, to crown it all: Lara Fabian‘s 1997 hit….

I was convinced that this jewel of bad taste was kept safely within the boundaries of the francophone world! This doesn’t make sense….

But since it’s been let out we might as well learn from it.

Soooo… As you already know ‘Je t’aime’ means ‘I love you’ and Lara screeeeeams it for us here. Enjoy!

What else is she saying? Try to make out a few of the other ‘beautiful’ images used in this piece and leave them in the comment box.

Ps Secretly I actually like this song and if you listened to it regularly (I recommend at least once a day for the next 6 months) you would love it too! It’s up to you….