French Lessons

Depending on your level there are different options:

  • A solid foundation

    Designed for beginners, this course is packed with the essential skills enabling you to express yourself clearly in French. It can be covered in as little as 10 hours. We can work over 2 days or at a slower pace. It’s up to you!

  • All you need to know

    For intermediate learners having gone through the foundation course, it offers the full command of French grammar. It can be covered in about 8 hours, in one same day or over a longer period.

  • Conversation classes

    For those having completed all of the above or for advanced learners who wish to practice their conversational French and top-up their vocabulary. The discussion will be centred on subjects of personal interest to the student and on newspaper articles and current affairs.

  • Reading classes

    For those wanting to make the connection between spoken and written French.

How much? / Combien?

The hourly fee is £35 for one person and £45 for two people.
If you would like to me to come to you, get in touch with a location and I will send you a quote.

After an initial FREE 1 hour trial class, lessons are payable in advance, in blocks of 5.
If you would like to pre-pay for 10 classes, the 10th class is free.
I will email you an invoice after the trial class.


Please note:
The schedule can be flexible but a class will be due in full if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.