Watching TV is a great way to learn a language. Northern Europeans are greatly helped in their learning of English by watching American programs in their original versions. The French, on the other hand, tend to dub foreign films and TV. But that is now starting to change.
Here is a selection of TV channels and online resources.

Canal Plus
Canal + is a premium pay chanel. But their best programs are free and available online. They broadcast talk shows, satirical news shows like Le Petit Journal, and also produce succesful series like Spiral (Engrenages in its french title) which was shown in the UK by BBC 4.
France 24 - French news channel
France 24 is the french international news channel, broadcasting in French, English and Arabic. I suggest you watch it live, in French of course!
TV5 Monde - French TV channel
TV5Monde is THE french-speaking channel of the world. They do everything TV does and also offer a special learning section to help you practice and test your language skills.
INA - French video archives
Ina archives all of France's tv and radio since 1900. Its mission is to safegard and share its audiovisual heritage. Here is the place to find an exclusive Edith Piaf interview for example...