Ciné Lumière French Institute - London
Watch french films on the big screen, from classics to new releases. The Ciné Lumière is housed within the Institut Français, France's cultural home in London.
La Page Bookshop - London
If you feel like reading french literature you will find good suggestions and advice at the bookshop Librairie La Page
The French Bookshop - London
The French bookshop is on Bute St., two minutes away from The French Institute, the Librairie La Page. Come and get some classical or contemporary literature and check their website for the latest arrivals.
Exchange Theatre Company - London
Exchange Theatre is a french theatre company, presenting classic and modern French plays. If you are already proficient in French, they also give Acting classes!
Voila Festival - London
Discover plays in French and in bilingual productions in this cross-cultural theatre event at Voila Festival .
Mime Festival - London
As its name indicates, the London Mime Festival might not be the best place to relish a lot of spoken word. However it regularly welcomes French companies, who draw on France's long standing tradition of physical theatre, from clowning to puppetry and stunning visual shows. Language is not just about words!