“Although Leonor’s classes are professional and structured she manages to keep them light and engaging. She is particularly mindful of your progress and allows you to develop at your own pace. For the first time in my life I feel confident and excited about learning a second language.”


“I’m delighted to have found Speak Frog. I’ve been studying French for a few years but had some difficulty speaking the language. Thanks to Leonor, I’m now much more confident and better able to express myself in French. On a recent trip to France I really noticed the difference that my Speak Frog classes had made”.


“I have found Leonor to be an excellent teacher. Each class is specially planned and tailored to my ability and interests. I am already an intermediate French speaker and she has enabled me to hone my existing skills and broaden my vocabulary. My confidence speaking French has grown a great deal and she is always able to direct me to helpful resources to expand my exposure to French. I would certainly recommend her!”


“Leonor is an excellent teacher. She keeps lessons lively and is incredibly rigorous. At times it I have felt like I have been learning an overwhelming amount but Leonor knows what she is doing and as we have continued it has all started to slot into place. Leonor’s lessons are challenging but she has a great sense of humour and makes sure they are also fun. Having muddled along with a rudimentary level of French for a number of years I now feel I am starting to make progress. Thanks Leonor”.


French classes with Leonor are a great way to get the basics in place and set you up for actually speaking the language. Leonor is a very clear teacher and the classes are well structured. I recommend this method if you prefer not to be stuck with your head in text books after a day at work, and just want to practice and get on with speaking”.


“I love learning French with Leonor – her teaching approach is refreshing and lighthearted. It’s rewarding as the language effortlessly seeps into my subconscious and she weaves the technicalities of language off the page and into daily conversation”.

-Bridget Stacey Luff

“I had 1 on 1 French classes with Leonor. She is an excellent communicator, and her methodology which focuses on spoken language using voice recording note, really helped. She’s always on time, friendly, approachable and also committed”.

-Hookyung Kim

“Leonor uses a highly effective method to teach French, which requires no formal grammar lessons or written language but gets fantastic results. She is patient, personable, and reliable and I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their French/start as a beginner“.


“I have had several 1-1 lessons so far with Leonor, and already feel confident in my progress. The method is great and seems to be cementing the spoken language firmly in my sub-conscious. Leonor’s teaching is logical, methodical and well communicated”.

-Kylie Hunter

“Leonor worked for Belaf Language Study Holidays during the summer of 2010 as a tutor to foreign students. She was a pleasure to work with; exceptionally professional and always responded promptly to the client’s needs”.

-Georgia Browne

“Leonor was employed for six months to enable our son to speak, read and write French fluently and confidently to the required standard. Our son succeeded with flying colours. Leonor is an honest, hard-working and thorough tutor, who always plans her lessons well and takes her work very seriously. She is a delightful young woman, kind and caring. We have no hesitation in recommending her”.

-Annette Lyons