Reading will provide you with a wealth of vocabulary and will deepen your grasp of grammar. The only rule is to choose articles on subjects that interest you! Here is a selection to whet your appetite.
Courrier International - French weekly newspaper
Courrier International presents translated articles from the international press. Read the Guardian or the New York Times in a French translation and click on the link to the original article if you need to.
Le Monde - French daily newspaper
Le Monde is a well respected evening newspaper. You can buy a copy from various news agents around London. The writing style is clear and straight forward, a good tool for students making their first encounter with written French.
Le Figaro - French daily newspaper
Le Figaro is another established daily newspaper. The writing style is a little more complex, for intermediate readers.
Libération - French daily newspaper
Liberation is a popular newspaper founded in 1973 by Jean-Paul Sartre, amongst others. The writing style makes more use figures of speech and colloquialisms. For intermediate to advanced readers.
Slate France is the french version of the American current affairs, technology and culture magazine. Articles are written in French by the Paris-based editorial. Original English language articles are also translated.
Causette - French women's magazine
Causette is a women's magazine with brains! It's not about fashion and dieting, more about investigative journalism. Hailed by The Times as 'the symbol of France's feminist renaissance'. The style is edgy, filled with humour and self-deprecation.
Neon - French cultural magazine
Neon is a new cultural magazine for boys and girls. It analyses society, new trends , shares playlists, comments on TV series (French and foreign)… With a youthful and fun tone which will acquaint students with slang.
L'Equipe - French sports newspaper
L'Equipe is France's daily sports newspaper. If your interest for the French language was sparked by say a love of cycling and the Tour de France, this is what you might want to read!
Paris-Match - French weekly magazine
Paris Match is France's most long-running glossy magazine. Famous for its celebrity and lifestyle features as well as photographic reports of major international news.