From musical radios to dedicated spoken word stations, tune into French at your pace and level.

FIP - French radio
Fip is a smooth and eclectic musical radio. It is loved for its impeccable taste and the suave voices of its female presenters, the 'fippettes'. Not that much talk, or 'blabla' as we say in it's mainly about music. A good way to let French rhythms gently slip into your mind.
Nova - French radio
Nova is a trendy commercial radio playing the latest international and French indie and electronic music. Unlike Fip and other Radio France stations, Nova needs advertising to survive. And as the French like a 'hard sell' so you may have to put up with some shouty adds. But do listen! Their simple message and clear tone will help you with your comprehension skills.
RFI - International French radio
RFI stands for Radio France International. Broadcast from Paris in several languages, it also aims to promote the learning of French language around the world. Amongst others, it features a news program in 'easy French' which uses clear journalistic language at a slightly slower pace.
France Info - French news radio
France Info delivers non-stop national and international news. Quick and to the point. Fasten your seat-belts! Once you get into the flow, you will have reached an advanced level of comprehension.
France Culture - French radio
France Culture is a public cultural radio. It features programs on philosophical, sociopolitical, artistic, literary subjects with documentaries, debates, radio plays and readings. It's France's equivalent to BBC radio 4. You could listen to 'Une Vie, une Oeuvre' to find out about important men and women of their times or to The Atlas of Love a special show about different love customs around the world.