International Women’s Day

This Saturday was international women’s day. We celebrated women’s achievements and the progress that has been made so far in terms of equality. It was important to do so:  as mentioned by Jude Kelly, the artistic director of the the Southbank Centre, where the very inspiring WOW festival was being held:  progress is never immune from a backlash. What is currently happening in Spain where the government is trying to scrap the right to abortion on demand is a nearby example of such a  regression.

As shared in a recent post, France also has its battles. However, this article from Le Monde gives us reasons to hope and a few numbers to make us think about the feminine condition, in French.

A few happy surprises and some funny facts: French men are some of Europe’s most active when it comes to taking part in house chores, the salary inequality is slightly smaller in France than in Great Britain for example and French women are the Europeans who have the less qualms about their infidelities.

Here is some vocabulary to help you along:

  • Tâche domestique: house chores
  • Diplomé: qualified. Having received a diploma.
  • Conseil d’administration: the board of a company
  • Entreprise: company
  • Parité: parity. Equal représentation
  • Ecart: gap, discrepancy
  • Complexe: qualm or misgiving