Become fluent in 6 months

Thanks to Mike (currently on the advanced course) for sharing this!

If you want to learn fast, I will teach you  the essential grammar you need to speak French. Nothing less, nothing more.

You will then start practising and building on what you have learnt.

Follow Chris Lonsdale’s 5 principals and you will become fluent in 6 months.

1)  Focus on language content that is relevant to you:

2) Use your language to communicate from day 1!

3) Focus on the message that is delivered through the language

4) Physicalise the language. Be aware of the shapes the face muscles make to produce the necessary sounds.

5) Relax! It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand a lot to start with and if you make mistakes. Learning is exciting.

To start soaking your brain into a French bath, you can pick amongst the resources I’ve chosen for you.

When you start reading, please do not read children’s books, unless you are actually a child or have a genuine interest in children’s literature, even in your mother-tongue. They are actually not that ‘easy’ and it won’t help to read things that are not pertinent to who you are. Equally, there’s no point in reading up on the Tour de France if you have no interest in it.

Watch TV, films or video content. Anything does the trick: news, arts, presenting, talk-shows even adverts! It’s about picking up paterns and rythms and slowly building your understanding. Observe body language and lip movements, reproducing those shapes will enable you to produce the right sounds and be understood.  Listening to the radio is great because you can do other things at the same time. Turn the radio on whenever you get a chance! Whilst cooking, cleaning, pottering around or relaxing. French should become your everyday companion, a constant murmur in the background.

Bon weekend!